New Begin Highway Section Opens

Begin Highway Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Municipality announced the opening of a new section of the Begin Highway on Sunday. The newly opened segment adds six lanes, four interchanges, ten bridges and two tunnels, all without a single new traffic light. The new road runs from Malcha (pictured) to Dov Yosef St. (~2km).

The Municipality posted a ride-along video shortly after the announcement.


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New Begin Highway Section Opens

The National Library of Israel


Israel National Library

The National Library of Israel currently stands in Givat Ram. It is difficult to access, has an uninteresting design and its existence is probably unknown to most Israelis. This is likely just one of the considerations that came into play when deciding to construct a new National Library building. With a prime location across from the Knesset, the new plan by Herzog & de Muron commands attention with its strong sculptural design.

The original plan for the structure was designed by Rafi Segal, who was outsted after a dispute about terms of the competition that was held to choose the designer of the new library.

Herzog & de Muron’s design spans 34,000 sqm. and six storeys – four of which will be underground. The building will feature the library, of course, but there are also plans for labs, offices, classrooms, a multipurpose hall, an archive and a visitor’s center. The library will be home to the largest collection of Jewish artifacts from Israel and abroad.

Israel National Library 2 Israel National Library 3

Construction is slated to begin in 2016, with a completion date some time in 2019.

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The National Library of Israel