Watch: Jerusalem Municipality Installs Automated Parking System

The Jerusalem Municipality has completed a pilot program to test the viability of automated parking systems. Each Ferris-wheel-like unit occupies two parking spots and provides 12-16 vertical spaces in exchange. After the success of the initial test, expect to see more of the systems pop up around areas of Jerusalem that lack sufficient parking.

Watch: Jerusalem Municipality Installs Automated Parking System

WATCH: The Future of Cities

The modern city is ever-changing, continuously taking on new roles and conforming to different standards of living. In this captivating video, filmmaker Oscar Boyson explores the future of the metropolis and discovers how concepts from visionaries like Jane Jacobs are being implemented across the globe.

WATCH: The Future of Cities

Plans to Build Light Rail on Emek Refaim to Move Forward


Today Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat announced that the blue line of the light rail will be routed through Emek Refaim as originally planned. After months of countless meetings, deliberation, and petitions, the decision was made through careful consideration by the municipality.

In his statement, Mr. Barkat called the light rail not only a boon for the aesthetics of the street, but for the businesses that line it. Like the red line before it, the train is expected to benefit all residents through reduced pollution and increased safety.

Barkat went on to promise that the construction of the line will be completed in stages, ensuring as few interruptions as possible. An open dialogue will be kept with the businesses, enabling them to prepare for interruptions and share solutions.

Plans to Build Light Rail on Emek Refaim to Move Forward

Zion Square

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Zion Square, the focal point of the cultural life of downtown Jerusalem, is getting a redesign. Today Maya Atidia, Maayan Tokkie-Carmel, and Tamir Manzur-Carmel were announced as the winners of a contest which challenged Jerusalem-based architects to recreate the space.

The plan, which they refer to as “Urban Forest Clearing,” will add trees and seating to the open square, making it more temperate and pleasant. Though it may seem simple, the design will allow for the square to continue be used for large events.

Zion Square

The Jerusalem Business District

The City Entrance Project represents the largest and most ambitious urban renewal plan in the history of Jerusalem. With a proposed 13 skyscrapers,  numerous hotels, and an expansion of the largest convention center in the Middle East, the hub will not only transform the urban fabric of area, it will change the standing of Jerusalem within Israel and throughout the world.

While the municipality has offered vague glimpses into the basics of the undertaking, specific details have been kept a mystery. In an ongoing effort to shed a light on every detail of the project, Jerusalem Construction News presents…


“What was once a dream has been turned into a building plan and today is changing into a reality on the ground.” -Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem


The Chords Bridge

Courtesy: Israel GPO
Courtesy: Israel GPO

Inaugurated in 2008, Santiago Calatrava’s Chords Bridge can be viewed as the first component of the business district. Standing as a stark representation of the bold plans that lie ahead, the bridge serves as a crossing for pedestrians and the red line of the Jerusalem light rail.

Transportation Hub

HaUma Railway Station

Binyanei HaUma Train Station

The nearly completed HaUma Railway Station will be the heart of the business district. Once opened in 2018, it will serve as a hub for a high-speed rail line that will transport passengers to and from Tel Aviv in 28 minutes.

The Light Rail

Jerusalem City Entrance Plan 2

In addition to the heavy rail, two light rail lines will reach the district. The red line, which currently runs from Mount Herzl to Cheil HaAvir and the upcoming green line, which will run from Gilo to Mount Scopus.

Sderot Shazar Underground Parking Facility

The Sderot Shazar underground parking facility will serve commuters using the high-speed rail to Tel Aviv, offering a capacity of 1,300 cars and a connection to the HaUma Railway Station.

Pedestrian Plaza

topotek 1 jerusalem 1

topotek 1 jerusalem 2

After hosting a design contest, the Jerusalem Municipality selected German firm TOPOTEK 1 to create the pedestrian space between the Binyanei HaUma Convention Center and the HaUma Railway Station. The plan carries a message of unity through a space that offers an abundance of trees and seating areas, as well as ample walking and biking zones.

High-Rises and Towers

Through the addition of 800,000 square meters of commercial space, the municipality is hoping to bring in hundreds of new businesses and create thousands of jobs. The buildings will range in height from 24-33 stories.

Mitcham Binyanei HaUma

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Designed by Farhi-Zafrir Architects, Mitcham Binyanei HaUma will feature 2,000 hotel rooms, a 330,000 square meter convention center, and a commercial area.

Mitcham HaRechev

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Situated across from Mitcham Binyanei HaUma and beside the HaUma Railway Station, Mitcham HaRechev – also the work of Farhi-Zafrir Architects – will comprise of two mixed-use towers which will include 96,000 square meters of office, hotel, and commercial space.

Jerusalem District Government Complex

Jerusalem District Government Complex 1

The two 24-storey towers of the Jerusalem District Government Complex will concentrate many of the government ministry offices currently spread throughout Jerusalem into a 53,000 square meter office space atop a ground-level shopping area.


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Designed by Studio PEZ, in collaboration with Zarhy Architects, the 40,000 square meter Jerusalem District Courthouse will house all court facilities outside the purview of the nearby Supreme Court.


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The Jerusalem Business District