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Hot on the heels of Cinema City Jerusalem, yes Planet – designed by architecture firm PAZGERSH – is scheduled to open this summer.  Located on the Sherover Promenade, this 28,500 sqm. complex will feature six floors with 16 theaters, an IMAX screen, an art gallery, restaurants, shops and more. The location is owned by Cinema City International NV – which operates theaters under the Rav Chen and yes Planet names – not to be confused with the Israeli theater chain Cinema City.

yes Planet Jerusalem Interior

The complex is being built on private land, which will allow for it to be open on Shabbat. There will be non-kosher options in addition to kosher ones. This is in stark contrast to Cinema City which is not allowed to be open on Shabbat because it is built on public land. As a result, Cinema City is faced with a competitor that they will be legally unable to compete with on a potentially lucrative day.

Whether Jerusalemites are clamoring for another massive theater complex at all is another story.  Movie attendance is dwindling in the United States, but statistics for Israeli habits are unavailable. There is one certain major lacking in Jerusalem cinema, however, and that is class:

Cinema City Jerusalem
The master lesson on how to lack subtlety, taste, and style: Cinema City Jerusalem.


yes Planet Jerusalem

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  1. Hannah says:

    Any info about the architect? Or will this be like cinema city where the architect is so appalled by it that it’s not on his website?

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