Mitcham Etz Chaim


Pei, Cobb, Freed and Partners, the firm tasked with projects like the Grand Louvre and the US Holocaust Museum, are now planning on preserving and updating the Etz Chaim Yeshiva complex. Situated next door to Machane Yehuda, the firm is sensitive to the needs and history of the location.

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A street-wall hotel is being constructed on the scale of the buildings that run along Yafo. The existing portal on the outer wall will welcome visitors and passersby alike into a courtyard garden, shopping center, restaurants, the existing structures (which will be public buildings), and two new towers:


The towers will each be 24-storeys with a total of 24,100 sqm. and they will accommodate modestly sized apartments. The shutters, visible in the mock-up above, are a unique design feature that changes based on how the rooms are being used. The firm claims that they are based in local tradition.

Underground parking is another attractive new feature, in addition to publicly accessible amenities including a swimming pool and health club, part of which will make use of and preserve a historic cistern.

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Mitcham Etz Chaim

5 thoughts on “Mitcham Etz Chaim

  1. Shimon Elstein says:

    All these new building projects are very nice except that one very important item is always neglected,: road infrastructure. All the residents in the new apartments will have access to underground parking but all these additional cars will add to already overloaded roads.

    Just look at:

    1) Har Hotzvim: In the last 10 years the number of buildings (and hence workers) in the park has increased dramatically. But no new access roads were added. As a result there are bad traffic jams every morning. The municipality should add an exit from Begin directly into the park.

    2) Ramot: The neighborhoods expand but everyone has to drive through Golda Meir Blvd. Why is there only one way from Ramot to get to Begin? All those drivers on Golda Meir get stuck in the traffic jams around Har Hotzvim.

    In summary, building is good but new and / or improved roads need to be part of the project and not left until everyone is stuck in traffic.

    1. Eli Zazon says:

      The difference is that this area has really good access to public transportation with the light rail and the nearby Central Bus Station.

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