Jerusalem’s Light Rail – The Green Line

jerusalem light rail

The first line of the Jerusalem light rail – the red line – took nearly a decade to construct, was mired in controversy, disturbed residents, increased traffic on bus routes, and impacted many businesses negatively. Despite that, the train has run smoothly overall, decreased air and noise pollution, invigorated the downtown area and serves nearly 150,000 passengers every day. It should, therefore, come as no surprise, and perhaps as a welcome bit of news, that the current red line is being expanded and an additional green line has just been approved for construction by the municipality.

The aforementioned red line currently runs from Mount Herzl to Neve Yaakov. The project was stopped just short of Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem, but the line is currently being lengthened and the roads leading up to the hospital are already being prepared for the addition of track.

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The green line was announced and opened for public feedback today. It will run from Gilo to the Mount Scopus campus of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Unlike the red line, the green line will have splitting points that will deviate passengers through two areas in Talpiot. The transportation ministry included a map in their press release:

jerusalem light rail map

No time frame was provided for either part of the project.

Jerusalem’s Light Rail – The Green Line

13 thoughts on “Jerusalem’s Light Rail – The Green Line

  1. Sarah says:

    YES!!!!! No more plowing through cross-town traffic jams! I live in southern Jerusalem and am delighted to have a Gilo-Mt. Scopus train! Any idea when it will be running?

  2. Correction – it was opened for public feedback by the Local Commission (Municipality). It still has to go through the District Commission, and then go through public hearings in both commissions, and then there’s building permits to be issued… They’re talking about 2021.

  3. Sarah says:

    🙁 That’s an awfully long wait, and with delays, we’re probably talking an additional 5 years. A friend points out that this is being run through a chareidi neighborhood (first problem–can anyone confirm this?) and also that the gradient along Yirmeyahu/Bar Ilan are far too steep for these light rail tracks/trains (second problem–can anyone confirm/deny this?)

  4. very vague says:

    Thanks for reporting this, but please follow up with a more detailed post with a real map showing what streets will be used, or a link. At this point it’s all shrouded in mystery and speculation. Also a post about the ‘ben david’ bridge would be appreciated! I am so happy I found this blog, if there were daily posts I would be checking it out everyday for sure! Keep up the good work.

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