The Prime Minister’s Residence

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Hot on the heels of the State Comptroller Building comes Ada Karmi-Melamede’s new plan for the office and residence of the prime minister. With a reported budget of an astounding 650 million shekels, the structure will occupy 8.25 acres and include 90,000 sqm. of office, living and service space. The project was approved by the Israeli government this week without public discourse.

The building will be situated in the governmental quarter, across from the Cinema City theater complex and next door to the Crown Plaza hotel.

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Similar to the current Prime Minister’s Residence, Beit Aghion, the bunker-like design lacks any sense of presence, command, openness or interesting architecture. Even the gaudy Palestinian Presidential Palace is more visually appealing.

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The original plan, Project Almog, was designed by Ram Karmi, brother of Ada and noted brutalist and designer of the Supreme Court building in the same neighborhood. Project Almog was deemed too grandiose and garish and was scrapped. The original sky-high budget was retained, however.

The original design.
The original design by Karmi.

No date of completion was given at the time of publishing.

The Prime Minister’s Residence

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