Jerusalem’s Light Rail – The Blue Line

jerusalem light rail blue line 3

Today Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat announced that the third line in Jerusalem’s light rail system – the blue line – has been approved by the municipality.

jerusalem light rail blue line 2

Spanning 20 km, the new line will run from the Gilo neighborhood through downtown Jerusalem and into Ramot. The second arm of the line will run through Malha, Emek Refaim, HaHen and Ramot.

jerusalem light rail blue line

The blue line joins the pre-existing red line and a previously reported green line of the Jerusalem light rail system.

Although no completion date has been provided, it can be speculated that because the current 13.9 km of light rail track took nearly a decade to complete, construction of the blue line may optimistically be completed between 2025-2030.

Jerusalem light rail future lines map

Jerusalem’s Light Rail – The Blue Line

10 thoughts on “Jerusalem’s Light Rail – The Blue Line

  1. Akiva says:

    what about the green line. It looks like it from the map above that is has changed since your post in the summer. p.s. the name “green line” is confusing. especially for tourists.

    1. Eli Zazon says:

      The map on this article is older, I believe. Refer to this one for the blue line and the other one for the green line. (I hope to create a map in the near future.)

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