Gan Sacher Gets High-Tech

Gan Sacher Future Vision
The future of Gan Sacher? (Yaniv Pardo Architects)

Sprawling over 40 acres, Gan Sacher is Jerusalem’s largest public park. Designed by Yahalom-Zur Architects and inaugurated in 1963, the park hosts thousands of daily visitors and many large events, including the recent Geek Picnic and the popular White Night Festival.

With an eye towards the needs of residents and tourists alike, Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat announced a comprehensive update to the fundamental infrastructure of the park in addition to services necessary for 21st century living. These changes will modernize the park, make it safer and keep it greener. Included in the plan are a smart lighting system, a new irrigation system, photovoltaic panels, electric bike and smart phone charging stations, and park-wide public Wi-Fi.

The announcement of these enhancements comes on the heels of the initiation of construction of the park coffee shop. Yaniv Pardo Architects, the firm responsible for the design (pictured below), will also be integral in future park renovations (header image) and the addition of an amphitheater and bike path.

Gan Sacher is the first in a pilot program. If proven successful, similar technological upgrades will be made in other areas of the city.

Gan Sacher Gets High-Tech

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