Watch: Jerusalem Municipality Installs Automated Parking System

The Jerusalem Municipality has completed a pilot program to test the viability of automated parking systems. Each Ferris-wheel-like unit occupies two parking spots and provides 12-16 vertical spaces in exchange. After the success of the initial test, expect to see more of the systems pop up around areas of Jerusalem that lack sufficient parking.

Watch: Jerusalem Municipality Installs Automated Parking System

4 thoughts on “Watch: Jerusalem Municipality Installs Automated Parking System

  1. Sondra says:

    In the pilot parking lot it actually occupied 5 spots. Two for the carousel, 1 for the hut that the person sits in and two for the cars to properly line up and pull into the carousel. And it doesn’t run in the evenings/shabbat so the parking lot is even smaller than before harming both residents and tourists coming to the shuk in the evening/looking for overnight parking after work.

  2. Pascal Carlier says:

    Nice that solutions are being tried. This one though is aesthetically a big minus in my eyes. Imagine all over town such car filled towers…

  3. […] Eine Lösung für Parkprobleme? Die Stadt Jerusalem hat ein Pilotprogramm beendet, welches die Lebensfähigkeit automatischer Parksysteme erprobte. Jede riesenradähnliche Einheit auf dem Mesilat-Yesharim-Parkplatz belegt zwei normale Parkplätze und bietet dafür 12 bis 16 vertikale Parkplätze.… […]

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