Shaare Zedek Radiotherapy Center

Construction of a new radiotherapy unit at Shaare Zedek Medical Center will commence in June of this year. The 7,000 square meter structure, designed by Canadian firm Farrow in collaboration with Rubenstein Ofer Architects, will complement the pre-existing cancer treatment facilities at the hospital.

The building’s shape is meant to evoke that of a butterfly – a creature that transforms within a nurturing habitat until it can finally take to the skies and soar. The striking design is far from clinical, which, of course, is deliberate.

A new wave of research that emphasizes the importance of good architecture, especially in places of healing, may be the impetus behind Farrow’s plan. The inside of the building further demonstrates this break from the norm. Light, airy, and natural, the radiotherapy center will invigorate body and soul.

Of course, there are also studies that suggest that facilities such as this can be a lucrative investment for a hospital. An enhanced patient experience can measurably reduce costs and improve outcomes. Quality amenities mean a reduced patient length of stay and a lower rate of infection.

The development of the center represents the initial phase of a comprehensive $80 million master plan for the hospital, which will add 300,000 square meters of clinical, retail, commercial, and hotel space to the campus. Once completed, the Shaare Zedek Medical Center will have not only the capacity for more world-class therapeutic and research facilities but also an open and inviting space for patients and visitors alike.

Shaare Zedek Radiotherapy Center

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