WATCH: The Innocent Door

Today, Jerusalem is constantly forced to grapple with issues surrounding its ancient history and future growth. This is not a new phenomenon, however, as demonstrated by this short documentary from 1973.

In it, the viewer is given a first-hand look at the very beginning of the transformation of the city’s architectural character through the eyes of its residents and planners, including Moshe Safdie.

Of note is how similar today’sĀ conversation is to that of days past.

WATCH: The Innocent Door

2 thoughts on “WATCH: The Innocent Door

  1. Leslie Gold Ruder says:

    But oh, how far away from Safdie’s values and vision we have strayed! The hideous buildings of French Hill ? What about Ramot, Har Nof, ramat eshkol, mattersdorf, Givat Shaul, all the new building on Yirmiyahu and even Nachlaot??? Whats worse to me is all of the new modern construction around the binyanei hauma and tachana Markazit. Depressing, really. But if everything was built like Silwan, there would be no proper infrastructure, roads, public transport , no practical scaling up to house people.

  2. me says:

    It’s an amazing documentary. As a Jerusalemite it’s fascinating for me to see how the city looked like in the 70s. I have to say we Israelis did a great job here as a whole.

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